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Why invest in photography?

With more cameras in the world than ever before, and most of those in mobile phones, many of us don’t go anywhere without one. We’re cranking out, and sharing, photographs at a rate that would make George Eastman twitch. We are, certainly, the most photographed, and the most photographing, generation ever.

The increasing quality on mobile phones is great for the social media posts but when it comes to getting 'that' shot for your print, billboard, vehicle livery or exhibition stand poster, the mobile phone images simply don't cut it!

We provide unparalleled imagery of your company’s people, projects and machinery using the latest in digital technology from Nikon, Panasonic, GoPro and DJI. Site photography is our favourite, capturing what your company does on a day to day basis. We regularly take our boots off and undertake corporate events for our clients and whilst we are happy to take staged portraiture shots, we love to capture our subjects in a more relaxed and natural pose!

Why choose RPA?

There are numerous marketing and photography firms across the country offering industrial photography services, so why choose us? First and foremost, we want to to go home at the end of the day safe and sound. With practical experience of working on construction, quarrying and demolition sites for over thirty years we know the inherent risks associated with working in these locations. We understand site inductions are requirement of accessing sites and allow time in our schedule for these. We are happy and confident, upon receiving the relevant inductions, to access sites unaccompanied as we do with many of our long term clients. We carry a full range of PPE to suit all applications and never rely on clients to supply us with these items. Regular training through accredited providers is undertaken and up to date CSCS cards are carried. We also have a £5million liability policy in place.  

Building a library of high-quality images showing the best of what you do pays dividends.

Not only does it attract people to your brand, it builds your brand.

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